theSpace @ Venue 45 is the original venue for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 


Perfectly located just off the Royal Mile on Jeffrey Street, the space has an established reputation for producing award-winning work from across the globe. Popular for Theatre, Musicals, Physical work and Dance the venue really is what the fringe is all about.


The venue consists of an 89 seat theatre with a thrust stage performance area of 7.2m deep by 3.6m wide on ground level. The central block of seating is raised and the space is blacked by drapes from all sides. A large dressing room is provided and set and prop storage space is available in the caverns underneath the church above. There is easy access to the building from Jeffrey Street for get-in and strikes. 

A lighting rig of about 60 lanterns giving general cover and specials are available.

Audience capacity


Stage size

Stage is 4m x 8m in a thrust arrangement. The acting space is within and behind the four pillars

Stage height

Ground level


Overhead clearance

3.6m from stage to grid


Storage facilities

Storage space limited but can hold large/tall items. Large dressing room available, accessible from behind stage


Lighting facilities

Lighting rig provides a warm wash with specials including standard profiles and LED pars.


Sound facilities

Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

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