AHSTF Royal Mile Flash Mob 2017

Hey, this summer as part of the American High School Theater Festival, we are going to do something new and exciting - a way to take over the Royal Mile for a few minutes, and really help promote your show.  What is it?

An AHSTF Flash Mob!

We have choreographed this flash mob to the opening number from Hamilton!  I know you know it; but listen more, and if you haven't already done so, memorizing the lyrics will be helpful. too. 


As actors, performers, technicians, with the American High School Theater Festival, your preparation is to learn the basic steps before you arrive in Edinburgh.

We'll put it all together in Scotland -- we'll rehearse it a few times in Edinburgh, mainly focusing on who goes where/when.  Our flash mob will have hundreds of people.  You will be creating this sensation with your classmates and your peer performers from other schools - who are unknown to you now, but who will be life-long friends starting this August.


So, before you arrive, you need to spend an hour or so learning the basic steps in their sequence.  Best to do it together with your friends.  Then, the cool thing is that you'll performing this at the worlds largest theatre festival with hundreds of other performers from across the United States - and, yes, including Alaska and Hawaii.  


The term "flash mob" - meaning an unannounced, organized performance in a public space - became popular in 2003.  Many of us have no memory of living in a world without flash mobs.  And, well done, flash mobs are both surprising and entertaining.  If you want more info. about Flash Mobs, go here.

Flash Mob Rehearsal/Demo with J.R.Tucker High School*

The video of this was made in one short afternoon.  The students you see are not all actors, not all dancers.  We worked together, with the help and choergraphy of Ms. Dyer, and taught it to ourselves -- and then recorded this for you (without rehearsal).  We wanted to make this Flash Mob something that everyone could easily learn.


There are only 10 sections - and the first one, you already know. 


This, like many Flash Mobs, is meant to be simple, but in a way - that when we all move together, hundreds at a time - will take over the Royal Mile.  And for a few minutes, on that iconic street, we (you) will be the sensation. 

 *  J.R.Tucker High School is performing with AHSTF this August at the FRINGE!

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