Central Auditorium is a perfect Fringe Venue.  In a big, open, and more or less empty space, we will build out a Fringe-style theatre.  (Note: The photo above is not of our build out - AHSTF will have a truly wonderful and full Ed Fringe theatre space build-out with a full festival lighting plot. )


This venue has a wide stage, a full festival light plot, and a great sound system, and a wonderful front projection system - shared by schools who wish to use it. 


The stage is raised, built out over the auditorium's permanent stage; the audience - in just eight rows deep holds up to 140 audience members. 


The windows will be blacked out and the under-balcony areas will be draped off - creating a big, yet intimate performance space.  


In this space we have a full platform package - platforms, ramps, steps, cubes:  

PLATFORM PACKAGE (all items are wood painted flat black)















The rental cost for the entire package is $200. Sorry, we cannot allow groups to split out components of the platform package (if you need one ramp, you must rent the whole package). Groups may use Velcro to dress the platforms, or cover them with fabric sleeves. Please use the spikey side Velcro for your dressing – we use the soft side on the platforms. You may not screw or nail into the platforms.


  • details about your venues are in your
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The stage build-out in Central Auditorium was created to maximize the performance area.  Since it is raised, all of our entrances on and off stage have steps (3 to 5 steps).  There is a ramp to get on an off Down Stage Right.  If you need greater stage accessibility, please let us know and we can work out a solution to meet your needs. 








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